Sunday, October 4, 2009

Consumer Decision Making.

Coca-Cola try to appeal to different subcultures by stressing out different values. The values that Coca-Cola wants to stress are family, friendship, happiness, exercise, and being cool. Their product appeals therefore to a broad range of people. It is a product for everyone, every time, everywhere. For Pepsi these values are enjoyment, relaxing and energy. Pepsi appeals more to young, active and sportive people. Although these values are somewhat different, they are all western values, so it will appeal more to western cultures. To also reach consumers in non-western cultures and countries, both companies make different advertisements campaigns for these regions.

Appealing to the local cultures is a very efficient way to gain sells. For example, there are large billboards of Coca-Cola in the Mainland China. People in China are used to large billboard with slogans on new government policies. Since many of those policies have proven to be a wrong step in the country's development, the credibility of such billboards is very low from Chinese people's point of view. Therefore, the aim to raise the brand awareness in this new market is not achieved. Instead, this gives a negative image of the Coca-Cola Company.

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